Economy of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra

Economy of the Laayoune Sakia El Hamra Region

Laâyoune – Boujdour – Sakia El Hamra region includes the provinces of Laayoune and Boujdour. Extending over an area of 139.480 km2 and with a population estimated at 197,000 inhabitants in 1998 which 94.9 per cent live in urban areas against 52.5% at the national level. This region is bounded on the North by the region of Guelmim – Es Smara, in the South by the region of Oued Ed Dahab – Lagouira, to the East by the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and the West by the Atlantic Ocean.

Productive sectors:
The economy of this region is based on the development of forests, marine fisheries, tourism and mining (phosphates, salt).

Areas of development:
Economic and social development strategy therefore focuses mainly on axes for medium-term development projects in the sectors of the economy and create jobs in the Region.
These axes are:
-The promotion of the agricultural sector through the intensification and promotion of livestock production (especially camelin farming and goat);
-Enhancement of fish production through the encouragement of the establishment of industrial units of processing of the fishery products with high added value, less polluting and generate jobs (canned fish, freezing…);
-The contribution of the sector of phosphate in the development effort in this Region by the establishment of units of
-The exploitation of the quarries of salt;

-Strengthening the tourist infrastructure;
-The promotion of the sectors of trade, crafts and

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