Create your business

In the context of the implementation of the strategy of creation of enterprise and innovation and to facilitate employment of graduates from the top, the SCCI in Laayoune Sakia El Hamra has set up a service to the company at the regional level creator.

This strategy of enterprises has resulted in implementing the following features:

1.      Spaces of home and guidance of the project promoters and entrepreneurs:

  • Business Centre
  • Spaces to undertake and offices. It is worth noting that this institution offers specialized training

2.      Spaces management and accommodation of the project promoters and entrepreneurs:

  • Nurseries
  • Area of economic activity of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra

3.      Spaces for the realization of the administrative formalities of entrepreneurship

  • Single window
  • Creation of online business

4.      Institutions of financing and special funds:

In addition, several institutions of higher education have developed entrepreneurship training modules. All students are made aware and creation and business management specializations are possible at the end of cycle of study.

Similarly, R & D and innovation and its translation in the creation of business projects are strongly supported by a device's centre of business, incubators, incubators and technological poles as well as encouragement from the Ministry of industry, trade investment and the digital economy

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