First general assembly of the Chamber of the year 2017

A general assembly was held on Friday, March 31, 2017, in  the Chamber of trade, industry and Services in the Region of Laâyoune Sakia El Hamra.

This assebly was chaired by Sir AlKhalil OueldRachid in the presence of the elected members of the Cahmber:

  • Mr. Hassan Karouch (second vice president)
  • Mr. almousaoui Mohamed Mouloud (third vice president)
  • Mr. M’Hamed Badad (fourth vice president)
  • Mr Alsaad Alsaadi (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Mr. Ahmed Almoussaoui (reporter)
  • Mr. Alkantaoui Ibrahim Khalil (member)
  • Mr mohamed Ali Boussoula (member)
  • Mr. Sidi Mohamed Salem Aljoumani (member)
  • Mr Almousaoui Moulay (member)
  • Mr Saadbouh Mohamed AlMamoun (member)
  • Mr. Mohamed ALmakdi (member)
  • Mr. Mohamed Lahbib Ouba (member)
  • Mr. AHl Hamad Amrabih (member)
  • Sidi Mohamed Ali Benmoussa (member)
  • ALsalami Alnah (member)

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