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International festival of street in Laayoune theatre

The city of Laayoune is transformed from 8 to 10 April in an open show of theatre on the occasion of the second edition of the international Festival of street theatre.
Initiated by the Odyssey association for culture and art of Laayoune, this edition was marked by the participation of 8 troops who presented shows theatre and street arts, as well as live performances on the Mechouar square.

After the organizers, this festival has become an annual event to pay tribute to the creation in the field of theatre and an opportunity to bring together the professionals of the sector in the southern provinces and discuss several questions related to the theatre. And add this 2nd edition has been punctuated by the participation of troops representing the Morocco and others from abroad: Germany, Spain, Italy and Argentina. This event was designed to showcase the city of Laayoune as a crossroads and space for cultural and artistic exchange between the peoples of the world and consecration of the values of peace.

During the opening ceremony of this cultural event, a tribute was paid to artists national Khadija Assad and Aziz Saâdallah, in reward for their contribution to the enrichment of the art scene with a set of theatrical, television and cinematographic works.

The program of this event included training workshops for youth in the southern provinces, animated by the business professionals in order to exchange experiences and ideas. And a round table organized by the international Centre of studies of the show around the theme “what place for the show in the public space?

The organizers aim through this festival bring the theatre as an art that mixes entertainment and knowledge of different social strata and promote diversity cultural with lovers of theater presenting plays of troops from different countries, and with the aim of anchoring the values of tolerance and coexistence.
This edition was organized with the support of the Ministry of culture, in partnership with the Théâtre National Mohammed V, Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region Council, the town of Laayoune and the Agency of the South.

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