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Laayoune: CPI up 0.5% in August (HCP)

The index of consumer prices (CPI) for the town of Laayoune increased by 0.5 percent in August with the previous month. between 118.4 and 119.

The increase was due to an 0.8 percent rise in the index for food as well as an 0.3 percent rise on the other index according to a report of the Regional Directorate of the Haut-commissariat au Plan (HCP) in Laayoune-Sakia, El Hamra.

So, the index for the Food products and beverages that are not alcoholicdivision grew by 0.8 percent between July between August 2023 and July 2023, the source explains the increase, noting that it is mainly affecting Vegetable prices rising by 6.6 percent, fruit prices by 4.2 percent, Meat prices by 2.4 percent, andsugar, jam, chocolate, honey and confectionery prices up increase by 1.9 percentage.

It also includes the prices of Mineral waters, soft drinks, juices for fruits and vegetables by 0.7 percent and the prices for Fats and oilsgreater than 0.2 percent, as opposed to the decrease in prices for seafood and fish by -9.9 percent, bread and cerealsmore than -0.8 percent, Eggs, milk and cheese >as well as Coffee, tea and cocoa by -0.1 percent.

Comparing to the same month this year, the cost of living index in the town of Laayoune increased by 6.5 percent for August 20, 2023. This was due to the 12.4 percentage increase in the cost of food and an increase of 2% in the cost of non-food items.

The percentage of change for items that are not food was ranging from an -0.8 percentage decrease forTransport and Education> to an increase of 7.7 percentage increase forMiscellaneous items and services.

CPI is the CPI is the tool employed to determine inflation. It is a key instrument for monitoring and evaluation of the state of the economy and is a crucial component of the implementation of the financial policy and indexation of contracts between different socio-economic partners.

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