Economy of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra

Visit of Canary Islands businessmen to the region of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services received on November 11, 2022 a Spanish delegation from the Canary Islands, where the delegation was received by the president of the chamber, Mr. Sidi Khalil Ould Al-Rashid, in addition to the president of the chamber. This delegation represents a group of sectors and entrepreneurs interested in the socio-economic field.
This meeting defined the importance of the trade sector, industry and services in the region in addition to the economic qualifications it possesses, and the President of the Chamber stressed that it is ready to conclude agreements with the Spanish neighbor in terms of trade sector, industry and services, and will help facilitate procedures to facilitate access of foreign affiliates and investors, especially the Spanish neighbor in terms of investment.
In conclusion, the delegation addressed the most important points through which the :

  1.  Locate the benchmarks of internal investment and consolidate the spirit of cooperation.
  2. Contribute to attracting foreign investors by giving a monographic overview of the destination.
  3. To contribute to the strengthening of economic activities.

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